18 / 12 / 2018

What exactly are le duo and le trio for ?

A lot of you have asked us about using duos and trios.

As a reminder, the ceramic Duo (2 bowls) was created for use with le Petit Robinson; each recipient holds 56.5 cl.

The ceramic Trio (3 bowls) was created for use with le Vitaliseur Grand Chef; each recipient holds 75 cl.

Le Duo and le Trio are delivered with a cork base.


For those who have the pack, you'll have understood that the soup tureen can be used to cook any kind of cereal, to infuse liquid preparations and reheat them. However, when you use the soup tureen, you cannot use the sieve for steam cooking at the same time.

And, this is why we specifically developed artisanal ceramics for the Vitalizer.

I strongly advise you against using aluminium dishes on the stainless-steel perforated sieve. This would generate electrolysis which would transfer the aluminium ions to your food.

As we are not aware of the level of toxicity of silicone moulds or of the composition of some stainless steel moulds which can be made of poor-quality alloy, and as Duralex moulds are rather clumsy and can crack under shock, we preferred to use highly-functional, elegant artisanal ceramics.

There's no point in placing all three of them in the Vitalizer at the same time! Although we sell them in packs of three, it's ever-so rare to use them at the same time.

Let's take an example: whilst I'm cooking my steamed vegetables, I can always place a ceramic bowl with quinoa and water on the sieve which will cook at the same time as my vegetables. Or, I can place a ceramic bowl with my shallot sauce in the sieve, which will heat up slowly and which I can then remove after five minutes or so whilst my vegetables continue to cook.

Or, if your guest prefers to eat some duck fillet whilst you prefer baked eggs (my favourite dish), there's nothing stopping you from cooking them at the same time. It's the magic of these little ceramic bowls that allows you to prepare several dishes at the same time. You just need to keep an eye on the progress of your cooking.

You can even make a sweet little flan whilst making your savoury dishes. As you know, in the Vitalizer tastes never mix together and you'll never end up with a Maillard reaction!

The ceramic bowls are delivered with a cork base which will be very handy to you. You can set your lid on it or your soup tureen as cork is heat-resistant. As I well know, because we suffered a fire in the south of France and only the cork oaks were saved as they don't fear fire.

Otherwise, feel free to use them to serve your crudités, your tomatoes, your walnuts, your sauces, your mayonnaises for your aperitifs and even for garnishes on the table!

Duo or Trio, you'll always want to use them!


A little word about le Trio for the old model: Le Trio Grand Chef can also adapt to the old large Vitaliseur de Marion model. In this case, only two recipients can be used simultaneously (le Petit Robinson can only hold one recipient at a time). The old Vitalizer model has a lid which is placed over the sieve, whereas the Grand Chef has a lid which sits slightly inside the sieve. Basically, it's just the little edges which may prevent the lid from closing properly if three ceramic bowls are used in the old model.

But this all hinges on a tiny detail and, in many cases, you can close the lid perfectly with three ceramic bowls inside the old model (even if, as we've already said, it's ever-so rare to use all three at the same time).

For more details, visit https://shop.vitaliseurdemarion.fr/trio


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