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Instruction manual for your steamer

Today, food is a key concern for everyone.

You've just purchased le Vitaliseur de Marion to soft-steam cook your food! As a result of the tremendous progress made in cellular biochemistry, nutrition has now highlighted the importance of the vital elements in food: vitamins, trace elements and minerals. Every day, our body needs to regenerate and live harmoniously.

And since these elements must remain alive in order to be useful to the body, nutrition recommends respecting this vitality all the way to your plate. This is what makes the Vitalizer different to traditional cooking methods, which all far exceed 100°C:

It keeps the steam temperature constant by adjusting it when necessary. As such, it cooks food without drying it out, keeping all its nutrients alive (even the most fragile, like vitamin C), whilst bad fats, toxins, and pesticides are removed, falling into the cooking water. 

It is not only a cooking utensil scientifically-designed for preserving all the nutritional qualities of the food you choose to cook in it, it is also a valuable cooking companion because, thanks to its 2 accessories (soup tureen and cake/bread tin), le Vitaliseur de Marion "knows how to do everything".

So, for cooking, reheating, simmering, thawing, melting in a bain-marie and, of course not forgetting to pamper your steamer... here are a few ever-so easy yet wonderfully-useful tips and tricks.  

Enjoy your cooking, enjoy your food and here's to good health!

Click here to download the instructionmanual for your Vitalizer.


- Read all the instructions carefully

- Never use bleach or chlorinated products as they attack the steel

- The best way to take care of your Vitalizer and its accessories: water and standard washing-up liquid. You may also wash everything in a dishwasher.

- For stubborn stains (limescale, deposits, etc.), you may use a special stainless steel-cleaning metallic sponge (available in supermarkets) to scrub the inside of the tank (be careful not to scrub the outside as it will scratch). If limescale deposits are hard to remove in the tank, you can boil water with a high concentration of vinegar for 5 minutes, then leave to sit.

- To ensure your Vitalizer's 18/10 stainless steel continues to shine, cloth-dry it well, even after it has been through a dishwasher. If, in spite of the above, it tarnishes, clean it with a "special stainless steel" cream (claystone), rinse thoroughly with clean water, dry and polish with a soft cloth.


With soft steam, everything cooks quicker, so don't be surprised if your chicken is perfectly cooked in 30 minutes, or your whole fish in just 10 minutes. Given the endless variety of foodstuffs and the variables related to their weight, their thickness, the fact that they are fresh or defrosted, seasonal or not, the times hereinafter are for informational purposes only and not exhaustive. Then again, it's all a matter of individual taste... whether you prefer your vegetables crunchy or melt-in-the-mouth, your meat medium-rare or well-cooked. And, as we all know, the best way to check if food is cooked or not quite is to taste it or to check its texture with a fork prong





Fresh artichokes

25 to 35 min



20 min




10 min


15 min

10 min

Button mushrooms

15 min

3 min


20 min

7 min

Red cabbage


15 min

Green cabbage


15 min


15 to 20 min

5 min


5 min



20 min

5 min

Very fresh peas

3 to 4 min



15 min

4 min


15 min

5 min


20 min

7 min

To start off, fill the tank (between 1/3 and 1/4) with water and bring to the boil. When it comes to the boil, wait 1 to 2 minutes before adding your food to the sieve to ensure all volatile essences have been eliminated (chlorine in particular).

If you prefer fast cooking, chop your vegetables into very small pieces: their nutritional qualities will be even better preserved.

To cook several different vegetables simultaneously, for example potatoes, carrots, beans and leeks, stagger cooking time: start with the potatoes which take longest to cook, then add the carrots and beans, and finally the leeks. Like this, they'll all be perfectly cooked at the exact same moment in time.

To cook pulses (lentils, beans), soak them in cold water for 2 hours then cook for 30 minutes. Special note about chickpeas: they'll be soaked from the day before and will take 60 minutes to cook.

Presalt meat and fish 10 minutes before placing them in the Vitalizer: the flesh will retain just the right amount to be slightly salty to the taste and toxins and fats will be removed quicker by the steam.

To finish off cooking fruit, you can place the fruit in a recipient placed on top of the sieve or, even better, in the soup tureen: they let even more juice flow and as such make excellent compotes.


These cooking times are for informational purposes only and should be tailored to personal tastes and to the method of preparation.


Veal cutlet

3 min

 Sliced veal liver

4 min

De-boned whole leg of lamb

25 min

Whole chicken

30 min

Poultry quarters

10 min

Beef tournedos (2 cm thick)

2 min



2 min

Shellfish (lobster, crab)

15 min

Fillet (ling cod, whiting, etc.)

3 min

Salmon (2 cm slice)

5 min

Trout, mackerel, red mullet

8 min

Thick slice (cod, hake, etc.)

5 min


Chocolate fondant

20 min

Chocolate cake

40 min


45 min


Sliced pineapple

4 min

Red berries

4 min

Pears, apples, peaches

9 min


Place the vegetable you have just chosen in the palm of your hand and clasp it slightly. It should feel firm. For example, a "good" carrot is stiff and straight like a piece of wood and not bendy and soft. Its skin should be wrinkle-free and smooth. The leek, for example will be well-toned, majestic. Forget wilted, soft and yellowed ones. If the greengrocer tells you they've only got what's on show, ask them to go check in their storeroom. Incidentally, be sure that your vegetables haven't been amputated (the leek's green leaves, cauliflower or artichoke stalk, etc.) Keep all your vegetables as untouched as possible until the last moment, when you're going to prepare them. This will preserve all their vitality and life force. Vitamins keep better if vegetables are stored as intact as possible: carrots and turnips with their tops, leeks with their rootlets, spinach, salads, chard leaves unwrinkled... Of course, you can favour seasonal fruit and vegetables, preferably organic.

Your steam cooker Warranty

The Buddha engravings and the Shin letter were created and have been used since January 2013 to guarantee the genuineness of your Vitaliseur de Marion purchase.

Le Vitaliseur de Marion is made in Europe. Its 18/10 stainless steel certifies the product is of high food quality.

A special process is used for polishing le Vitaliseur de Marion which requires certain know-how and avoids any chemical impact.

To preserve our planet and its natural resources, our vision, our philosophy is to limit the number of Vitalizers made every month. This decision is aimed at bringing together all the values of responsible consumption.

Le Vitaliseur de Marion benefits from a legal 5-year warranty of conformity for manufacturing defects from the date of purchase. To benefit from the warranty, you must present your invoice or proof of purchase.

This warranty does not cover damages resulting from:

- Falls or shocks

- Handling or servicing/care inconsistent with the instruction manual

- The use of aggressive detergents (bleach)

- External incidents (fire, flooding, etc.)


Apart from care for the utensil mentioned in the instruction manual, any intervention on the utensil which is not performed by an after-sales service will invalidate the warranty.

Costs for shipping Le Vitaliseur de Marion to the after-sales service is borne by the owner of the utensil.

Viewthe online Vitalizer instruction manual.


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