The biography of Marion Kaplan

I have spent my life researching, studying, experimenting with all areas of health and nutrition.

It is because I was born from an unwanted return of diapers, by caesarean section, breastfed with cow's milk and antibiotics, that I declared very early on allergies, intestinal problems, overweight, migraines, chronic fatigue and a recurrent depressive state.

Medicine had no solution for me. I then set off on my own.

When you walk, the doors open and you meet people you never imagined.

In particular, I had the chance to meet a vegan when I was 15 years old, while I was on holiday in the Cévennes. He helped me fast for 10 days, and that's when I started to understand how important food was to my health. And since then I haven't stopped.

Then, my meeting with André Cocard was fundamental. Eureka, I finally understood that we were not reduced to eating raw, and that an intelligent cooking with soft steam allowed us to combine delicacies and health. The Vitalizer was born. Passionate about nature, I locked myself in my kitchen for many months to develop gourmet and easy recipes. Many books have been developed based on this research. The Société d'encouragement aux progrès (SEP) awarded me the bronze medal in 1988 by Louis Leprince-Ringuet and then the silver medal in 2001 by Yves Coppens. Thirty years ago, no one was talking about soft steam cooking, there was only steam under pressure. Today everyone is talking about it. The Vitalizer celebrated 30 years in 2015. It is still the best tool for gentle steaming because it combines biochemical and biophysical standards, resulting in incomparable taste, a respected texture and perceptible vitality.

Then I met Professor Henri Joyeux who was one of the few medical professors interested in nutrition. He and his wife Christine were very interested in our cooking system and even started with André Cocard, an experiment on rats in hospitals. The results were very encouraging but could not be continued due to the death of André Cocard in 1988. At the same time I asked to meet Dr. Catherine Kousmine who had made the link between diet and many diseases such as cancer and multiple sclerosis. Except that she did not give any cooking advice because, she told me: "Marion, I can't do everything and cooking is not my forte"... From this meeting 3 books emerged with her collaboration as well as that of Doctor Alain Bondil who was then president of the Kousmine Medical Association. It was only 10 years later that I became interested in the work of Dr. Jean Seignalet. By getting closer to him, I managed to convince him that the Vitalizer kitchen was the missing link between his hypotoxic diet and the diseases he was treating. He started advising the Vitalizer a little late, because he had to leave us in 2003.

Then I became interested in many areas. To understand, I went to two schools of homeopathy, one Unicist with SPHERE and Dr. Senn, the other pluralist with Dr. Albert Claude Quemoun and Dr. Sananes.

Learning, making connections, developing my knowledge to better synthesize in order to share them with a wide audience, here is what drives me. So I worked on myself in psychology, NLP, in different seminars like Lise Bourbeau with Listening to Your Body, Landmark education, very powerful American seminars, but also training in quantum medicine because I was aware for a long time that the invisible animated matter. Einstein's formula E=mC2 is and will always be a universal law.

For the past 3 years, I have been training in micro-nutrition with Professor Vincent Castronovo. The knowledge is endless, but it doesn't matter, I have all the time in the world!


Among the 25 books I have written, I recommend you:

Paléobiotique published by Thierry Souccar in 2015, which includes all my work and my method for radically changing the diet in 3 steps. Many illustrated recipes are included in this book.

Powerbiotique that I co-wrote with Alma Rota at Tredaniel Editions, released at the end of 2018. It is the most up-to-date in the latest studies on the microbiota and gives you the keys to take care of it, with biological analyses to do and menus that can help you initiate change. In addition, it contains many interviews with the world's leading specialists. It will be your bedside book.

10 rules to balance your body and mind with the editions jouvence prefaced by Guy Corneau who unfortunately left us.



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