31 / 05 / 2018

Trio grand chef instruction manual

LeTrio Grand Chef, designed specifically for Le Grand Chef, is available separately. It was imagined to liven up your kitchens, boost your creativity to offer you evermore simplicity in your relationship with food.

To cook what exactly? 

Thanks to le Trio Grand Chef, you can prepare a whole meal in one go!
 Le Trio Grand Chef comprises 3 ceramic recipients and a cork base. It can be used for cooking, marinating, preserving, making sauces, cakes and a host of desserts.

How do I use it?

You can use the recipients individually or all at the same time. Le Trio Grand Chef can also adapt to the old large Vitaliseur de Marion model. In this case, only two recipients can be used simultaneously (le Petit Robinson can only hold one recipient at a time). The cork base is the indispensable item which links the sieve and the plate, ensures you don't get burned and ensures your worktop remains clean and dry. It can also be used as a table-mat to present your sieve with contents directly on the table!

Use a cloth to place and remove the recipients to ensure you don't get burned. You can also serve your preparations in ramekins directly on the table.


Recipe ideas:

Le Trio Grand Chef is perfect for making any type of dish which needs to be cooked in a recipient.

As such, you can make:

- baked eggs (see the video for baked eggs prepared by Marine)

- marinades

- sauces (see the sauce for all kinds of uses) or creams (see the video of the creamy mushroom sauce)

- melted preparations (melting chocolate, making ghee, etc.)


- bread

- food cooked in a sauce (see the video of cod in coconut sauce prepared by chef Valentin Néraudeau)

- jams (see the recipe prepared by Vanessa Romano)

- sponge cakes (see the recipe for the lemon moelleux prepared by Lauranne)

- desserts (rice pudding, egg creams, porridges, compotes)


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