How to cook meat well in the vitalizer ?

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Marion's tip

We have convinced many chefs that it is beneficial to soft-steam cook meat. Thirty years ago, whenever you said to a chef or a butcher that you were going to steam cook their meat, they would wince and imagine boiled meat!

Perhaps you're also thinking like them. But...

Of course, steam cooking can't be used for all types of meat. If you buy a firm cut of meat, it will stay firm. Steam will not tenderize it at all. This is why you should always choose tender cuts: fillet, very good quality flank steak, round of beef, spider steak, filet mignon, leg of lamb and prime rib of beef.

The cheap cuts will only need steaming for a dozen minutes or so before being placed in simmering stock. For pot-au-feu, blanquette, stews and casseroles, the Vitalizer extracts toxins and means you can continue cooking your meat in a stock free from surface froth.

On the other hand, if you choose to cook a beef tournedos, I recommend you remove your meat from the fridge an hour before cooking so that it is at the right temperature. Then salt both sides of it 5 minutes before cooking. Leave your tournedos to steam for 1 or 2 minutes depending on how thick it is. The meat should not be overcooked. It would lose its texture, even if steamed. If you like well-cooked meat, I would advise against using this cooking method as you will be disappointed. The Vitalizer is at its best for al dente cooking.

For a leg of lamb, ask your butcher to de-bone it so that it fits into the Vitalizer sieve. Prick it with garlic cloves, salt it and cook it for 25 to 30 minutes. Before serving, place it in an oven at less than 100°C to release its blood; your meat will taste exceptional!

For the filet mignon, salt it before cooking, cook it for twenty minutes or so and serve it with a side sauce.

Do the same for a really thick prime rib of beef. Cook it for 10 minutes and leave to release the blood for 5 minutes. Your guests will be amazed at the flavour of your dish.

You can also cook organic veal or chicken livers. Try and cook them until they are pink in the centre. This depends, as you now know, on the thickness of your cut.

It's ever-so easy to make a poultry terrine: you just need to steam cook the organic chicken livers for around a dozen minutes after drizzling olive oil over them, and why not add a hint of garlic and a dash of Madeira wine to flavour them. Mix them finely then place the mixture in a terrine and leave to cool. Serve with a salad or green vegetables.

Chicken is very suitable for soft steaming with the Vitalizer. You could add a lemon to the centre of the chicken and why not tarragon too and cook for 30 to 40 minutes depending on the weight. Of course, the skin won't look brilliant, so you can remove it if you prefer. Serve your chicken with our sauce made from shallots, tamari and olive oil, to which you'll squeeze in the juice of the cooked lemon and a dash of its zest. Indulge and enjoy!

Duck fillets cooked in the Vitalizer are delicious. Follow the steps once again: make sure the meat's at the right temperature, salt it 5 minutes before cooking. Eight minutes cooking is perfectly sufficient. To serve your duck, slice in cutlets, then serve them with a sauce of your choice and steamed vegetables. Fennel, leek and peas garnish duck fillets wonderfully well.

Feel free to share your own recipes with us!

10 / 01 / 2018

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