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Discover the secret of a revolutionary steaming method based on one principle :

keeping the food alive !

Due to the tremendous progress made in cellular biochemistry, nutrition has now highlighted the importance of the vital elements in food: vitamins, trace elements and minerals. Every day, the body needs to regenerate and live harmoniously. And since these elements must remain alive in order to be useful to the body, nutrition recommends respecting this vitality all the way to your plate This is what makes the Vitaliseur unlike traditional cooking methods, that all far exceed 100°C – It keeps the steam temperature at a constant 95°C. – Thus it cooks foods without drying them, keeping all their nutrients alive (even the most fragile, like vitamin C). – Bad fats, toxins, and pesticides are removed, falling into the cooking water

Why destroy your food by cooking?

Most traditional steaming methods, whether through the cooking time or the intensity of their heat kill off the vital elements in food, or make them harmful for the body.



Cooking in a pressure cooker and all the hard steam cooking methods (steam under pressure, boiling water, etc.) make minerals unassimilable, kill the enzymes and most of the vitamins as well.

Mauvaise alimentation


These generate tars and hydrocarbons with their high temperatures, causing a concentration of animal fats.



They destroy electrons, essential for metabolic reactions and cellular exchanges in the human body. Additionally, they radically alter the structure of foods to the point that they some proteins toxic.

This is why Marion Kaplan created the Vitaliseur

André Cocard, a chemical engineer and holder of numerous patents in various fields such as lithograph duplication by the artist himself, and who produced many lithographs while he was painting the original, also holds patents in watchmaking, had designed an initial device using gentle steam, which was revolutionary at the time. After his death, Marion Kaplan, who was involved in the promotion and development of recipes with this steamer, further developed this steamer by taking into account other parameters: besides the physical-chemical parameters (thermodynamics, materials), she transformed Mr. Cocard’s first steamer into the Vitaliseur by calculating the hole diameter and number, and the distribution of holes based on the golden ratio, as well as the ratios of the pot, strainer, and lid, which if they were cut in a cross section, also follow the ratio! 

Scientifically proven effectiveness

Marion conducted biochemical analyzes in the 2000s, and these demonstrated that Vitamin C and B1 (the most heat sensitive) were intact, but also enzymes, in this case proteases, were still present after cooking!

She even performed sensitive crystallisations with Marie Françoise Tesson, which demonstrated that trout looked better after cooking than before!

These revolutionary properties are due to the Vitaliseur’s very design.

Marion’s Vitaliseur is the product of 15 years of research in nutritional biology. The Vitaliseur celebrated his 30 years old in 2015.

A domed lid

The curvature of the lid is essential: it allows condensation to slide along the walls instead of falling on the food, washing them of their taste and their nutrients. In the 1990s, Marion commissioned a new lid, taking account of waveforms, which certainly has a vibrational influence on the food! The calculations were verified by Guy Thieux, a specialist in these areas, who had duplicated Georges Lakhovsky’s device… Its weight is calibrated down to the milligram, to lift slightly under the pressure of steam at 95°C and to evacuate the excess steam, to maintain a constant temperature and ensure smooth cooking.


A fast cooking strainer…

Marion’s Vitaliseur has only one perforated cooking level, because a second one superimposed on the first strainer would, like a flat lid, result in condensation and washed-out food.

6 mm perforations…

The size, number and spacing of the perforations of the sieve were calculated with extreme precision because they determine the smooth flow of steam and the constant heat, proof of rapid, smooth cooking: – Calculated based on energy standards used to vitalize Foods – To regulate the temperature below 100°C – Vitamins and enzymes retained while removing surface  fats, toxins, and pesticides 

A deep reservoir…

To have a constant volume of steam :

Capacity 8 liters
Pot diameter 24 cm
Height 20 cm
Strainer Diameter 24 cm
Strainer Height 9.8 cm
Total Height 37 cm
Total Weight 2,9 kg
Lid Weight 460 gr
Composition Inox 18/10

… suitable for all kitchen heat sources

Designed to work with all kitchen heat sources (gas, induction, vitroceramic, electric, burners etc.)


Resolutely modern, time-saving, Marion’s Vitaliseur can cook anything

Due to its simplicity and its many talents, Marion’s Vitaliseur will give you new culinary ideas and the desire to cook.


First of all, steam shortens the cooking time. Better yet, as it does not conduct flavors, it allows you to cook very different foods simultaneously (e.g., a banana on a fish) without the tastes mixing and avoiding unpleasant odors (fries, cauliflower, leeks). Proportionally, you will spend less time cooking, while saving electricity or gas.


Without stuck-on, burnt-on grease, being sufficient on its own to prepare a whole meal, Marion’s Vitaliseur saves you from multiple pots and greasy pans. It cleans up with soap and water and you it’s dishwasher-safe. You can even save on serving dishes: Marion’s Vitaliseur is so beautiful that it’s a pleasure to pass around the table.


Marion’s Vitaliseur lets you cook any fish, meats, vegetables, soups, stews, grains, compotes, terrines, custards, cakes, breads, etc. … And it can also be used to reheat, gently thaw, and keep warm without recooking, and serve as a double boiler. And no need to monitor anything, because they are not in direct contact with the heat, the food is always cooked to perfection, not dry and never burned. <strong>With gentle steam, cooking speed is further accentuated by the freshness of the food</strong>

Peas 3 min
Coquilles St Jacques 2 min
Spinach 5 min
Vegetable custard 20 min
Pork roast 30 min
Whole fish 8 min
Thick steaks 2 min


Limited production, environmentally-friendly



In order to protect the planet and its natural resources, our vision is to limit the manufacture of the Vitaliseur. This decision is aimed at bringing together all the values of responsible consumption. Reserve yours now! Before they’re all gone…

A New Gastronomy, rich in flavors and colors.

With Marion’s Vitaliseur  you’ll discover a whole new healthy gastronomy, lighter, flavors open up better, and from which no food is excluded. Discover some recipes, advices, and videos with 95 degrés :


Stewed « al dente » vegetables, natural salmon softened to perfection, melting steaks, but also blanquette of veal, duck à l’orange, partridge with lavender honey or little custards. Traditional dishes and original creations, classic taste combinations or bolder flavors, Marion’s Vitaliseur respects and encourages your culinary preferences and allows you to eat healthier by leaving the gastronomic pleasure intact.


With Marion’s Vitaliseur, the variety of food takes on a new dimension, rich in colors and flavors. We are surprised to rediscover the delicious crunch of a fresh vegetable (no need to add salt because the  minerals are preserved), the inimitable of melt-in-your-mouth free-range chicken or the smoothness of a line-caught European seabass.



Since the food is so satisfying, the urge to snack between meals (usually due to frustration) vanishes. Relieved of their fat, even traditionally-heavy dishes (choucroute, cassoulet) go unnoticed by the scale! And since sauces no longer contain the burned fats of traditional cooking methods, they become lighter and healthier. And without having to suffer, the most « discouraged » dieters are amazed to see the needle on the scale tip to the right side.

You can talk about it better than we can…

Facebook page : Because your wellness is at the heart of our concerns, and because you can talk about it better than we can, we regularly give you the chance to share your Vitaliseur experiences.

10 good reasons to adopt the Vitaliseur


- Its 18/10 stainless steel is suitable for any type of heat (gas, electric, vitro-ceramic, induction). – Innovative: You can cook everything together (bananas, cauliflower, fish) without the tastes blending, which is a real time saver ! – Marion’s Vitaliseur is big enough for large pieces (whole fish or poultry) in the large size, and it’s elegant enough to go directly from the kitchen to the dining room. – Marion’s Vitaliseur shortens the cooking time (30 minutes for a whole chicken, 3 minutes for a fillet of fish or some peas) and cleans easily (no burnt-on fats or stuck-on foods). – Multi-talented, Marion’s Vitaliseur can cook, gently thaw, warm, keep warm, and melt chocolate without cooking or drying it.


- Marion’s Vitaliseur maintains tone and viability: Since minerals and vitamins are preserved during cooking, there’s no need for dietary supplements, your energy and enthusiasm will be stimulated naturally. – Marion’s Vitaliseur, as part of a controlled diet, will help you lose weight without frustration, through fat-free cooking, which preserves the real taste of your food. – Freed of harmful fats, foods cooked in Marion’s Vitaliseur make digestion easier. – Marion’s Vitaliseur « sweats » your food, their fats and saturated acids so harmful to the heart, arteries and your cholesterol levels. – Marion’s Vitaliseur lets you cook a whole meal in record time, and do it easily ! It is the ideal tool for those who don’t know much about cooking ! Makes cooking a breeze !

Buy the Vitaliseur

Your well-being is priceless

Order your Vitaliseur now and you’ll soon discover the benefits of a healthy diet synonymous with wellness !

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