Florence Mc Veigh’s cooking-classes


Introduction – presentation

I’m an ‘expat’ at heart. I really love my mother country but always wanted (and still want to) know how it feels to live abroad. So I left France in 1999 for the USA, then to the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean; and ended up in England (for ‘Prince Charming’!).

I’ve had a mixed professional career (life is too short and there is so much to know) but never found as much satisfaction as I do currently. And it’s just the beginning!

I became Naturopath to help others and for my own well-being. I am in constant evolution in my life and in my competences.

I question myself a lot about what I could do better to reach people, to help them to open their eyes or ears, and for them to want to learn and to be responsible of their health. Increasingly, I work with energy, the spiritual: both are linked since the dawn of time.

What is your professional background?

In the past, I worked in accountancy which is helpful background for my projects. I qualified in aesthetics and cosmetics at the renowned private school Catherine Sertin in Paris in 1999 then became fully qualified in naturopathy in 2009.


why did you turn to Naturopathy?

Complementary or alternative medicine was my last resort when I find myself in a poor health in the mid 90’s. It saved saved my life. I decided then to study to be a Naturopath, but, aesthetics attracted me first and I wanted to qualify in thalassotherapy.

After few years in the Caribbean providing facial and body treatments to clients from all over the world, I understood that they would get much better results if they were taking care of themselves from inside out. So it was time for me to take a step forward.

A big step forward! I thought that will benefit from it; and wanted to help the others. It has been since a wonderful apprenticeship, I never stop to learn; and I often tell my clients “I am a student for life!”

I did a lot of training during this beautiful journey, such as the ‘abdominal-sacral massage’ (or called ‘the Mayan massage’) to help with digestive and reproductive issues. But working with energy became important in my life so I qualified in Reiki. We are approaching the notion of quantum energy / science here.


you use light the steaming cooking method, Why did you CHOOSE the Vitaliseur de Marion?

I’ve been using gentle steam for my cooking for years to try preserving the good nutrients, avoiding destruction of vitamins, trying to keep the food ‘alive’ as much as possible and to get the maximum benefit for health. But I wasn’t totally satisfied, particularly with my traditional three tier steamer . I realised it wasn’t great to have vegetables ‘sweating and dripping on each other’.

Cooking is very therapeutic for me, and I had the chance to travel a bit and to meet inspirational chefs who were into fusion food, and to work in 5 star resorts.

I always try to:

- combine cuisine and natural medicine

- use recipes from around the world

It makes people happy around me!

It’s only a year since I started to read about quantum science, which linked to the subject of quantum medicine and nutrition…then I discovered The Vitaliseur!

The Vitaliseur de Marion is the ‘Holy Grail’ of healthy cooking, combining pleasure, the true taste of food, preserving its energy and the integrity of the nutriments. It’s a ‘holistic and healing gastronomy’ for the body, emotional (pleasure) and the mind. I can’t wait to promote it in Great Britain.


Why do you want to promote it in England?

In Great Britain, people have often no idea how much the food they eat and what they drink make them ill and is responsible for their health problems: sugar and additives; huge use of refined salt, trans fats in almost all foods, even in food labelled gluten free or so called healthy food. Excessive alcohol consumption has been described to me as ‘part of the culture’ whereas I try to explain it to people: alcohol is not a surrogate for happiness.

Junk food is generalised and some of it is disguised as healthy food. I even see nutritionists using and recommending the wrong cooking method; weight-loss clubs exploit their customers by selling them ready-meals rich in synthetic substances, starch, hydrogenated fats…

People with these types of diet age very fast and develop diabetes, high blood pressure and auto-immune diseases…the picture is not pretty. But it would be the same around the world for everyone who has the same diet.

Knowledge and education about ‘genuine’ healthy nutrition and lifestyle is missing. You won’t find much on TV, in magazines or at the Doctor’s waiting room and the internet is a real confusion and requires tons of reading, and lots of common sense.

Fortunately, there are those who are intent on looking after their health, but often don’t know which food is good for them or who to listen to. These are the people I am targeting.

The Vitaliseur is not an expensive investment for your health…promoting anti-aging, slimming and pleasure for the senses.


Do you think that the vitaliseur is a good tool for weight loss?

Definitely yes, as you are getting rid of the bad fat and avoiding excessive salt or sugar. The body is ‘well-fed” without fermentation and the digestive system is getting healthier and free from toxics.


Will you introduce steam cooking and the Vitaliseur during your workshop and talks?


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